How to apply

Guided Reading Course

The information below is designed to explain in more detail what is required of students on the Emmanuel Guided Reading Course, and how to apply for the course.

Course requirements

The Emmanuel Guided Reading Course lasts for a total of two years, and involves approximately 4 hours of reading and a 2-hour tutorial every week for approximately 30 weeks of the year.

There are no formal academic requirements for enrollment on the Emmanuel Guided Reading Course. However, the course relies for its success on several important factors:

  • Diligent preparation for the tutorials and completion of the required reading;
  • Regular and punctual attendance at tutorials;
  • Active participation during tutorials.

Prospective students should consider carefully whether they are willing and able to make these commitments. These matters will be raised during the interview (see below).

Students should note that diligence, punctuality, and active involvement in the course are far more important than a student's theological awareness. If you've never read anything much apart from the Bible, but are willing to work hard, then we're confident you'll enjoy the course immensely, and we encourage you to apply.

The course fees are £10 per tutorial (£300 per year), and must be paid in advance, three times a year. However, we don’t want financial considerations to prevent students from participating, so if you think the fees will present a problem, please speak to the Course Director Steve Jeffery about other funding options.

How do I apply?

If you're interested in applying for the Emmanuel Guided Reading Course, you should first contact the Course Director Steve Jeffery or fill in the form here. Thereafter the application process contains three stages: 1. An interview with the Course Director; 2. Consultation with your church leaders; 3. Obtaining references.

Stage 1. Interview with the Course Director

The interview will include discussion of the following issues:

  • Your growth and development as a Christian;
  • Your involvement in your local church;
  • Your habits of private prayer and Bible-reading;
  • What books you have been most influenced by in recent years;
  • Your ability to commit the necessary time to the course, and to participate with the necessary diligence, consistency and punctuality.

After the successful completion of the interview, you will be invited to move on to stage 2 of the application process.

Stage 2. Consultation with church leaders

The Elders at Emmanuel Evangelical Church are committed to supporting the ministry of the churches attended by students on the Guided Reading Course. Prospective students are therefore required to consult their church leaders during the application process, and church leaders are welcome to contact the Course Director at any time to discuss matters related to the course.

After consulting with your church leaders, you will be invited to move on to stage 3 of the application process.

Stage 3. References

You will need to provide the names and contact details of two people who are willing to act as referees. One should be a Minister, Pastor or Elder at your church; the other should be a Christian friend (not a relative) who knows you well. They will be asked simply to read the description of the Emmanuel Guided Reading Course on this website, and to say whether or not they feel you are well suited to undertake the course.