Guided Reading Course

The Emmanuel Guided Reading Course is a 2-year programme of theological training giving an overview of Reformed evangelical theology. It is taught by the Course Director, Steve Jeffery.

The course runs for approximately 30 weeks of the year, with 4 hours of guided reading and a 2-hour tutorial every week. Study questions are provided to assist students with the reading, and the tutorials provide an opportunity to discuss issues further, address questions arising from the reading, and so on. View study questions here.

The course is open to anyone who has around 6 hours per week to spare and wants to spend that time exploring the some of the richest and most Christ-exalting works of Christian theology ever written. It’s ideal for anyone considering full-time Christian ministry, but is also suitable for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of God’s word.

Keep in touch

Applications are now closed for the current course, which began in March 2014. For more information about the next course, contact the Course Director, Steve Jeffery.

Alternatively, simply fill in the form below to receive further details.

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