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Don't cry, Daughters of Jerusalem

Don't cry, Daughters of Jerusalem

In Song of Songs 3, King Solomon arrives for his wedding. He's carried into the city from the wilderness in a splendid wooden litter (a kind of carriage without wheels, carried by servants), with elaborate coloured interior furnishings made by the Daughters of Jerusalem, decked in gold and silver. Surrounding him are a small army of Mighty Men - soldiers forming his own personal bodyguard - and on his head is a beautiful crown made by his mother specially for the occasion.

In Luke 23, the Daughters of Jerusalem weep, for they see their Lord being led out of the city into the wilderness. His "chariot" is being carried for him - not as a gesture of honour, but simply because he is too weak to lift it. Like Solomon, he is surrounded by soldiers, but these are no personal bodyguard. Where's the gold? Where's the silver? Where's the fine cloth? Nowhere to be seen.

Well, at least he's wearing a crown.

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Should children sit through Big Church?

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Dimensions of salvation 4: Revelation

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William B. Evans' article, "Calvin's Doctrine of the Lord's Supper and its relevance for today" (Foundations 68 (2015), pp. 4-25) really is an excellent piece of work, and is well worth reading. It doesn't answer all the questions that a recovery of Calvin's theology is likely to provoke (though at 20 pages it can't be blamed for that), but as a shot across the bows of modern evangelic...

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