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You and Your Household: The Biblical Case for Infant Baptism

You and Your Household: The Biblical Case for Infant Baptism

My friend Gregg Strawbridge, Pastor of All Saints Church in Lancaster, PA, and Director of the Christian Resources website, has written a great book on the subject of infant baptism, entitled "You and Your Houshold." The sharp-eyed among you will spot the allusion to Acts 16:31, which will also give you an idea of where Gregg is coming from.

Here's what one reviewer said about it:

"Many Christians withhold baptism from their children, being unpersuaded that infant baptism is biblical. Others baptize their children, but don’t really understand why. Gregg Strawbridge has written the perfect antidote for both groups – a punchy, persuasive book, marshalling the vast weight of biblical support for the Reformed doctrine of infant baptism."

Buy the Kindle version online at

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