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A conversation about Spiritualism

A conversation about Spiritualism

... is always likely to provide plenty of opportunities for lively debate.

At least, that's what happened when I took part in a discussion on the topic on BBC Radio 4's Beyond Belief a couple of days ago. Listen online here if you want the whole story.

Isaiah: A literary master at work

As chiasms go, the one in Isaiah 61:1-3 is a little more complicated than usual. But it's nonetheless significant, and spotting it helps us to understand the structure not just of these verses but also of the rest of the short section to which it belongs. Here it is: 1 The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me, because the LORD has anointed me ...

Guided Reading Course 14: Free will

Introduction We remain on the doctrine of sin and its effects in this session of the Emmanuel Guided Reading Course, as we consider the effects of sin on the human will. After a brief detour into John Murray’s Imputation of Adam’s Sin, we’re back with Calvin’s Institutes, II.ii (1:255-289). Murray led us through a ...

Laughing along with Jon Stewart

Here's a little something a wrote recently for the Theopolis Institute on the (unlikely?) subject of American comedian Jon Stewart. A couple of one-liners: "If there’s one thing more ridiculous than a crowd of politicians promisin...

Carols for kids

Everyone loves Christmas carols - and babies and toddlers are no exception! Join us at Harris and Hoole Coffee Shop, just opposite Southgate Tube Station, at 10:30 am on Wednesday 17 December for half an hour of Christmas Carols especially for babies and toddlers. ...
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